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Gail Swift

Hello, I’m Gail Swift, mom and President of Plans to Prosper Coaching!

I started Plans to Prosper coaching to help parents understand their children.

As a parent, I want to help my children succeed. I recognized when they were young that they work in a different way than I do; I wanted a quantifiable way to see these differences.

I thrive on having a lot of things going on at once and work best under pressure. I brainstorm with my mouth then see if it’s a viable option. Noah, my oldest, needs to finish what he starts. He likes to have a plan before he begins, but if he’s put in a room with kids….

Our Method

Here at Plans to Prosper Coaching we focus on helping you understand how you and your child work using the Kolbe Method.


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I’d say knowing my MO has given me permission to go back to doing the things that are natural for me instead of trying to fit into the box others have said I should be in. It makes me feel even more powerful than I did just stepping into the confidence that this IS the way I am and I thrive this way.

Denise Purdy


Loved the program and information provided – easy, informative info to understand and follow. For my son, the program gave him a sense of how he was feeling and how to handle life more effectively. For my wife and myself, it provided many answers to better support him in his life.

Philip Bateman


I was afraid of my daughter switching majors. After she took the Kolbe A Index and Opgig Career Assessment I found out she switched majors to her career with the HIGHEST rate of sustained success!

Parent of 19-year-old Daughter


After my boys, 14 and 16, took the Kolbe Y Index and got their flash cards (which they always look at), I knew their natural differences. Their confidence increased as did the awareness that everyone in the family has unique strengths.

Parents of 14-year-old and 16-year-old Boys